Custom Patches


CUSTOM PATCHES from is the best decision you can make. We offer our customers many low cost options that most other companies cannot and will not offer. We offer FREE SET-UP, FREE HELP WITH ARTWORK (limited), FREE DIGITIZING, and Low SHIPPING costs on all domestic orders. 

The reason we can make your patches at a reduced cost is because we are not a full service supplier.  We do not create samples or proofs, send images to you and get them approved.  That takes lots of time, time is money, money that we don't charge you....thus the lower cost.  If you have trust issues, we are not the supplier for you.  Go find another more expensive option.  That being said, we do provide a low cost option for lettering only patches. 

We expect that you will take at least a small amount of time and make sure your lettering will look good in the space on the patch:  Questions:  CALL ME - 877-735-1377 -THE NUMBER IS TOLL FREE!  The space for the lettering is 1/2" smaller then the patch.  So a 3x1 patch, has 2.5 x 1/2 for the lettering space.  You get 1/2" lettering, unless you want something else.  UPPER AND LOWER CASE LETTERING is smaller if you have lower case lettering like a "y" that goes below the main lettering line.  In this case, the size of the lettering is still 1/2", but it starts at the top of the upper case letters and goes to the bottom of the lower case letters.  If you want a ton of letters on a 3 x 1 patch, I'll make it.  If you want that same amount of letters on a 3 x1.5 patch, it will look even worse.  The 1.5" tall name patches have 1" lettering.  So if you have more letters, going "bigger/taller" doesn't help, it makes it worse.  The one option a 1.5" tall patch does offer is the possiblity of using 2 lines.  If that is something you want to do, just let us know.  Also, check your spelling.  We "Cut and Paste" what you type.  We tell you this so you take some responsibility for what you order.  That being said, if something looks really bad we normally call and confirm.  We have literally made more then a million patches.  This isn't our first rodeo.  If you get something that just looks horrible, drop it in the mail with a note and we will remake it, whether it is your fault or mine.  PLEASE DO NOT START THE BLAME GAME.  Just tell me the issue and I will remake it.  You have nothing to prove except that you may be someone I don't want to work with.  We are pretty easy to get along with here, but we are also not push overs.  I may remake your order this time, but if I feel you are being unreasonable- I'll just block your IP address and you can order from someone else.  So if you have questions or concerns, call me- I don't bite.

You can see examples and pricing on our Custom website:

Wholesale Pricing;
We offer wholesale pricing for our custom patches. As of 2013, I still believe we are the ONLY USA MADE WHOLESALE MANUFACTURER of patches.  By that I mean, that we do not use Chinese made blanks or other premade items.  We do it all start to finish.  Because of the discounts, we do not make less then QTY 6 of anything. And, we may require QTY 12 or more, depending on the design and complexity of the patch. We do not make just 1 for now... and if you like it, you will order more. If you want to see our quality, order 1 stock patch from our site. I understand that your customer may have been burned in the past, but it wasn't me that burned them. If you give me a good quality image, you will get a good looking patch, that looks just like the artwork. If you give me a scanned image that looks like you drew it on the back of a grocery sack with crayons, then you will get a crappy looking patch that looks JUST LIKE THE CRAPPY IMAGE YOU SENT TO ME. The cost of your patch will vary by size, quantity of patches, quantity of thread colors, and the amount of embroidery on the patch.

We make thousands of IN MEMORY OF PATCHES.
Our standard format is a 4"x 2" patch with 3 lines.
Your choice of colors and lettering (within reason).
This is a sample cost for those patches.
24 or more $2.50
50 or more $2.00
100 or more $1.50
200 or more $1.25

Most patches of similar size with lettering only will cost about the same.

Price Quotes:
Most quotes take about 24 hours, if your artwork is good.
Quotes are free, but you have to provide the artwork to get a quote.

Back Patches:
We do make back patches.  If you want only 1 the cost is $100 for all sizes.  But if you want at least QTY 4, then the cost drops to $30-$40 each depending on the size.  And if you need a greater QTY the cost can drop to close to 1/2 that cost.  Check out the site for complete pricing based on size.  AND REMEMBER, these are MADE IN THE USA patches.

We have made ride and rally patches for many organizations too. And, we made patches for Church groups too: Don't forget about the Youth group at your church. Most of the average size patches cost between $1.25 - $2.50 each. We have many more examples, but those are the most popular sizes.

Cost is not the only factor you should use to determine the company you choose. As we said before, we make our own patches right here in Missouri, USA.

HERE IS HOW YOU GET STARTED! Go to the CONTACT US page and send me an e-mail or call me toll free during business hours. I will tell you in my return e-mail where to send your specific information and artwork. (IF YOU HAVE AOL FOR YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER, YOU WILL NEED TO CALL US. WE WILL NEED TO BE ADDED TO YOUR CONTACTS LIST BEFORE WE SEND YOU AN E-MAIL, OR THE E-MAIL WILL BE BLOCKED.) That's it. It is painless and FREE. We will talk to you without being pushy, and give you our opinion for free. We will also get you free price quote as quickly as we can. WE CANNOT GIVE YOU A BALL PARK PRICE QUOTE WITHOUT SEEING YOUR IMAGE AND HAVING THE SPECIFICS FOR YOUR PATCH. There is no standard size for front or back patches. I need a measurement in inches if you can or centimeters if you must.

I hope this information helps you to at least decide to give us a chance to get your business. Get a quote from several other companies and then get with us last. We won't ask you what the other companies quoted you, we will just laugh with you when you tell us how much less we are charging.  But don't let the price fool you, we have made well over a million patches since we started.  WE now make motorcycle patches for about 1000 groups worldwide. is owned and operated by Wholesale Direct, The Ozark Biker Shop, located at 102A E. South Street, Ozark Missouri 65721. So call us toll free Monday - Friday 9am to 3pm Central Time at 877-735-1377 and we can get started on your custom patches today.