International Shipping

Procedure for International Ordering does not ship to every country in the world. If you live in country or area of the world that is known for credit card fraud or similar scams, will not ship to you. Countries in Africa are off limits, due to the scams coming from many of the countries there.

We also have to screen the items we sell in other countries. If you are a member of the US military, and stationed in the Middle East, you need to be aware that Christian Items must be ordered in small quantities. For example, we could send you one (1) or two (2) Soldiers Prayer patches, but there may be a problem with six (6) or more. You can have them shipped for personal use, but cannot order them in "distribution quantities". Other countries have different restrictions that are placed on shipping also. Please check with your current Postal Office for regulations.

Shipping Costs
We offer a FLAT RATE $42.00 shipping charge for all International orders. The USPS as of Jan. 2024, raised the rate  to $42.00.  Shipping to Canada is now $40.   We have had issues with regular parcel post and were forced to go with 6-10 day Priority shipping. Too many orders were getting lost.  We do not upcharge shipping.  This is what we are charged and therefore pass it on.

Payment Methods
We only accept Paypal payments from "Verified" paypal members, for international orders. There are many reasons for this, but the top reason is make the currency exchange easier. Paypal will automatically convert currency to US Dollars. Also, "Verified Paypal Members" are a better fraud and security risk for us, since they have already had to verify their bank account information. IF you place an order and attempt to use a credit card for your International order, we will notify you that your order will not be completed and you will need to order again.

Countries we ship to:
To find out what countries we do ship to at this time, go to the create an account page and start to create an account. Our approved countries will be listed on this page. IF you would like us to consider your country, send us an email from the CONTACT US page. We will consider your country and get back with you within 24 hours to tell you if we will ship to your country. is family owned and operated by Wholesale Direct, The Ozark Biker Shop, located at 509 E. South Street, Ozark Missouri 65721. So call us toll free Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm Central Time at 877-735-1377 with any questions and we can get started on your custom patches today.